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Multi-functional GSM wireless Home Alarm System


GHA-100 is a multi-functional device integrating GSM fixed telephone and house alarm system. With the help of various reliable sensors and GSM communication mode (call and SMS), the house owner will be able to handle the security of the house conveniently

2.How It works?





















Main Features:

- Make/Receive Phone calls like a telephone
- Send/Receive/Draft SMS Messages like a cell phone
- Base Unit could connect maximum 16 wireless  

- Support Partial Defense and All zones defense
- Wireless Panic button built on Remote

- SMS ,Phone call and Siren sounding alert for

  Alarm Events
- Password access protection
- Multi-Language OSD LCD Screen
- Arm/Disarm by SMS or Remote controllers
- Advanced Encryption technology, Hight Security  

- Rechargeable Lithium backup internal battery  

- Unique Children Operation Recognize


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Alarm Telephone Host Box(\(\(GHA-100):
- GSM Frequency: GSM 900/1800/1900MHz   (850MHz optional)

- GSM antenna Connector: SMA
- RF receiving Frequency: 433/315MHz (2240/1527 study code)

- Workign Temperature:-10^50℃
- Humidity: 20% – 95%
- Back up battery:Lithium Polymer 600 mAh 3.7V     

- Wireless Remote Controller(RC-11):

- Working frequency: 433M/315Hz.
- Code: 2240/1527 study type
- Working Voltage: 12V  ( 27A 12V dry battery) 
- Control Distance: 20-100M


​PSTN/GSM Dual Network wireless alarm System


Dual Network Security Alarm system includes everything you need to help secure your home, offices, 24-Hours Stores, buisiness, or wherever security is concern.


This is all-in-on systems offers 100+ meters operating range. It can work alone or be integrated to control center management application with Contak ID Protocol supported.


The KEN-H200 Console support both wireless sensor configuration by code-rolling technology and wired sensor for special installation necessary. It gets 29Wireless Defense zone and 8 wired defense zone available. Upon alarm events, the console will automatically make call to preset 5 authorized phone no. and send SMS to target alert cell phone No.

Dual Network with both GSM network and traditional phone lines connection (PSTN) solved the problem of credits used out in Simcard,poor GSM signal area, No Phone line available, and phone line destroied.

Those special and convenient features like wireless Door bell integration, Voice Recording for alarm call, alarm events records query give you no limits of imagination to have ideal House Security system

- LCD display to show caledar, system status
- GSM/PSTN dual network auto-switching for alarms alerts
- Intelligent display alarm defense zone, sensor name
- All defense and partial defense supported
- Arm/Disarm method: SMS commands, Remote Controller, Mainframe
keypad(or wireless Keypad)
- Alarm Events notify users by SMS and phone call
- Alarm alert by phone call or SMS are optional for setting
- At most work with 8 remote controls; 29 wireless alert areas and each alert
area could be connected with 4 sensors.
- 8 wire alarm areas could be set and be connected with wire sensor.
- Uninterruptible power supply design to improve system self-test function.
- Reminding function of alarm area in disarm condition and can monitor whereabouts of kid.
- At most 100 alart records and 100 working records could be saved for query.
- Door Status detecting with intelligent Door Contacts
- Ingrate Wireless Door Bell support
- Wired Siren indoor, Wireless Indoor Siren and wilress outdoor Siren configuration available
- Support Contack ID alarm protocol
- Three Defense Line define: 1st Defense Line(Door, Window), 2nd Defense Line

   ( corridor,dinning-room,bedroom), 24Hours Defense zone( Fire, Gas, Medical,SOS)
3-Technical Specification:
Work Power:AC Input 100-230V, Output DC:12V 1A
Static Current:<50mA
Alarm Current:<500mA
Internal Battery:Rechargeable 3.7V 1200mAH,Standby time:12Hours
GSM Frequency:GSM900/1800(Or 850/900/1800/1900)
RF transmit/Receving:433MHz
RF transmit Distance:100Meters
External Siren:>110db
Working Temperature:-10ºC ~ 70ºC
Humidity:5% ~ 95%​


​PSTN Wireless Alarm Systemwith auto dial phone


KEN-H100 is a state-of-the-art wireless alarm system kit for homes and businesses. It is user-friendly easy to use protecting homes/businesses at a minimum cost of investment. Do-It-Your-Self installation and monitoring alarm system without monthly fees is a key benefit for users. The system will alert by phone calls to owner through a series of enlisted phone numbers. The owner can then dial into the host to armed or disarmed using the phone’s numeric keypad. PHA-100system can be upgraded by adding up to 60 wireless sensors, sirens, and up to 8 remote controllers.



-  Easy-to-use and cost-effective D.I.Y. (do-it-your self) wireless intruder alarm system kit.
-  Supports up to 60 wireless sensors (15 wireless defense zones and 4 wireless sensors per zone).
-  Transmit at 430-433MHz frequency band, wireless transmitting distance up to 300 feet

    (remote controller, smoke sensor, & siren)and up to 450 feet (magnetic door/window sensor & PIR motion sensor).
-  Supports up to 5 phone numbers for auto alarm call and 1 management center protocol(CID).
-  Armed/disarmed by remote controller, phone call, or host’s keypad.
-  Easy “one-key” armed/disarmed operation.
-  Programmable silent alarm or audible alarm.
-  Recordable alarm voice message (up to 9 seconds record time).
-  Telephone line (land line) disconnection alarm sound every 5 seconds.
-  Smart 3 defense lines configuration-1st defense line is the perimeter, 2nd defense line for in-room, & 24-hour defense line).
-  Internal rechargeable backup battery in alarm host last up to 8 hours.
-  Battery (alkaline) included for remote controllers, wireless door sensor, and wireless motion sensor last up to 2 years.
-  Programmable password.
-  Ademco CID compatible protocol


3.1Alarm Host(PHA-100)
-  Operating power: 9-15VDC
-  Static current: ≤ 60mA
-  Alarm current: ≤ 380mA
-  Operating environment: Temperature: -10º ~ 50º Humidity: < 80%
-  Maximum available quantity of remote controllers: 8 PCS
-  Maximum available quantity of wireless sensors: 60 PCS
-  Dimensions: 180×120×38 (mm)
-  Rechargeable battery: Ni-Mh(4.8V), 600mAh, up to 8hrs long.
-  Speaker Siren 100dB (built-in)
3.2 Wireless Remote Controller (RC-10)
-  Operating power: 27A 12V alkaline battery
-  Wireless Transmitting distance: ≥300ft (in open area)
-  Service life: ≤2 years