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Car Alarms

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Car Alarm with GPS /GSM/Tracker

Ken-C4 is a complete GSM/GPRS/GPS Vehicle Alarm system which can protect all type of cars, trucks, taxi, jeeps as well as other automobiles. It combined the latest technology of GSM and GPS tracking, radio requency communication and voice control system. We are proud to say it''s an advanced ,hi-technology and good quality system.

How it works?

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Main features:
Tracking functions:
- Dual Tracking location covered:
Locate your vehicle through both GPS positioning and GSM base station
- Support both GPRS and SMS for data transmit and commands receivign
- Real-time or pre-set time interval tracking by SMS/GPRS;
- Position report by  Customizable distance interval
- Routes Point reports

- Over GEO fencing area alert
Anti-theft functions:
- Door open/ Acc on/car vibration/Power failure Alert with SMS/GPRS and missed phone calls to preset cell no.s
- Automatic Moving restriction setup and Alert
  Detect ACC off, device will automatic setup a cycle area as restricted area. when the car moves out, it will send SMS/GPRS alert and make phone calls to preset cell NOs.

- Remotely shut car engine down by SMS,GPRS and Phone call
- Built-in Emergency Alert(SOS) button
- Monitor the sound in the car remotely (listen-in)
Easy Operation design:
- Call-in Voice operation system:support local 

- SMS remote control

- Lock the door automatically when arming and unlock when disarming.
- Remote controller Arm/Disarm, locate car in parkign lot with sound and light alert
Other useful functions
- Built-in internal backup battery:
After Power Failure Alert, the back-up battery will supply power.
- Auto-arming function
- The sensitivity of the vibration sensor can be adjusted
- Light flash and sound reminder
Technical Specification
- GSM Working Frequency:850(Optional) /900 /1800 /1900MHz
- GPS(SiRFstarIII chipset) : Frequency:L1, 1575.42 MHz. 
- Minimum signal tracked: -159dBm
- Temperature: Working Temp -20℃ ~ +60℃ 
- Humidity: 20—95% 
- Cable type
- GSM Antenna: Gain: 3dBi   Cable Length: 3-5meters   Connector: SMA
- GPS Antenna: Voltage: 3V Cable; Length: 3-5 meters; Connector: SMA
- Remote control: Working frequency: 315Hz/433MHz.
  Code: 1527/2240 study code
  Working Voltage: 12V (27A 12V dry battery) 
  Control Distance: 100M
- Mainframe Power supply: 12 or 24V DC
- Backup battery: Poly-Li battery, 600mAh 3.7V
- Mainframe Dimension: 125x108x26mm

Two way car alarm with remote LCD


Function Features: Arm / Silent arm;
Disarm ; Car Locating;
Arm Reminding; Rearm;
Anti-hijacking; Central door lock system;
automayion; Door unclosed well warning;
Auto-arm; Help Calling/Panic;
LED Indicator status; cut off engine;
Intruding alarming; windows rolling up;
Remote Trunk release
Car Door unclosed reminding;
Dome light delay;
Emergency Disarm service mode
power off memory;
microwave sensor (Optional )
One stage shock sensor;
Door unclosed well warning function optional;
Auto-arm function optional;
Eletrical/Pneumatic central locking optional
learning code; 
anti-false trigger alarming auxilliary negative trigger output
Remote Start Engine (Optional )