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Boat GPS Alarms

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ΚΕΝ-Μ3 is a economic/waterproofed GSM/GPRS/GPS motor alarm kits and tracker. It follows the simple and usable, all built-in design concept while give the user friendly and reliable experience.

This small unit equiped with Quad Bands GSM/GPRS module, Hi-sensitivity GPS receiver, Shocking sensor and 433/315MHz RF module.

The built-in GSM/GPS antennas significantly short the installation time, built-in Siren with Off/ON programmable feature will bring u more options for security purpose.
KEN-M3 support both GPS tracking and LAC/CID(\(\(GSM Network Station Code) tracking, which brings u a idea solution with 7-24 position , fix with no blind area for locating your mobile objects.
It can work alone without any third party help, but also could integreate to a monitoring center base by SMS query or TCP connection query.


2.2 Specifications:

-   GSM Work Frequency: 850/900 /1800 /1900MHz 
-   GPS(SiRF III chipset) :

    Frequency:L1, 1575.42 MHz. Minimum signal tracked: -159dBm
-   Working Temp -20℃ ~ +75℃  
-   Humidity: 20~95%
-   GSM/GPS antenna: Built-in
-   Built-in Siren: 95dB
-   Remote control: 
    Working frequency: 433MHz. 
    Code: 1527/2240 study 
    Working Voltage: 12V ( 27A 12V dry battery)  
    Remote Control Distance: 20-50M 
-   Mainframe Power supply: 9-36V DC
-   Backup battery: Lithium Battery 600mAH, 3.7V DC
-   Tracking Accuracy: 5-10Meters
-   Waterproof Level: IP65
-   Power Consumption:

    (depends on the operating conditions of the region

    Full task working when Ignition ON:   80-180mAh

    When Ignition Off standby:   50-80mA

    Power Saving Mode when Ignition Off:  10-20mAh

3. Application Range
-   Motorcycle, Scooters -  Cars, Vehicle,  
 Truck, Bus - Boats

2. Features & Specification:

2.1 Main Features:

-   SMS/GPRS Data Transmit
-   Waterproofed: IP65
-   Built-in Siren, GSM/GPS antennas, shocking sensor
-   Arm/Disarm by Remote Controller and SMS command
-   Periodically position report with self-customize time interval
-   Illegal Door Open, Engine On, Shake alarm by SMS and missed Phone Call 

-   Alert to preset 4 registered Phone NOs.
-   GEO Fence Setup and breaking alert
-   Over-speed limit and over Alert
-   Remote Vehicle Engine starter enable and disable(Engine Immobilizer)
-   Battery Tamper Alert
-   System Access Password Protection
-   Dual Tracking technology: GPS and LAC/CID tracking
-   1 Digital Output and 3 Digital Inputs available
-   External Siren connection capability (Optional)
-   Power saving mode when ignition Off