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Kentall Διαχείριση Στόλων Αυτοκινήτων και Σκαφών

Εύκολη και αποτελεσματική διαχείριση στόλων, χάρη στο εξελιγμένο προϊόν της Kentall

Είναι ένα  ολοκληρωμένο σύστημα εντοπισμού και διαχείρισης οχημάτων και σκαφών μέσω δορυφόρων (GSM/GPRS/GPS).


Complete Fleet Management
Software, Empowering Business Solutions


Impress your clients with a simple and powerful online service.

Our cloud-hosted, Kentall track GPS tracking platform is exclusively available to Tracking Service Providers.

It supports any hardware of GPS tracker brand, mobile apps, full online access, instant setup, powerful reseller to client control, easy to use interface and much more.


Manage Your Entire Fleet From One Platform

first page platform.png
Professional Web Platform
Give your company or your clients an outstanding user experience – having spent a considerable amount of time perfecting the usability of the system, the most easy to use, powerful intuitive modern user interface platform that will impress more of your company or clients and ensure client training is kept to a minimum level.

Check in map all your fleet
Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης 2022-01-22 020632.jpg
...or locate your boat in real time (Normal Map)
Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης 2022-01-17 024855.jpg
...or locate your boat in real time (Satellite view)
Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης 2022-01-17 024815.jpg
Also you can view a history trip
Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης 2022-01-17 031502.jpg
Our platform is the only one in market You can have special reports for VAT (12% or  24%)
Our platform is the only one that allows you to have special reports - proof of VAT category in professional fares.
This special report-proof states in the whole of the fare the times and the distances traveled through the coastal zone that opens the port of departure.
_Zones Traversal Summary Report.jpg
Other Features of our platform
Advanced geo-zones : colour coded zones
You can set up custom polygon Geo-zones and assign them as either locations, keep-in zones or no-go zones.

Add speed limits to zones, create proximity to zone alerts, report on how long assets have been inside/outside of zones and much more.

No one else can provide so much information from the same platform like us.


Choose from a variety of mobile apps, Turn your phone into a tracker, Monitor your assets, Convert your smartphone into an SMS Gateway. You can use our free mobile apps or we can create custom mobile apps under your brand on iOS App store, Windows and Android store.


User-friendly, intuitive and modern interface


We have spent a considerable amount of time making our system intuitive, discoverable and easy to use
One of our company slogans is “simply powerful” meaning the system needs to be very simple to use, while remaining very powerful.
Others claim to have an easy to use system, however, our customers always comment that our system is by far the easiest to use.
When you onboard new customers, the training time is minimal to none (depending on users IT experience), meaning you get to focus on building your business rather than supporting and training customers.


Compatible with the most hardware of the market


Our platform is completely hardware compatible, so we have partnered with most of the biggest players in the GPS Tracker manufacturer industry. That is very helpful and you save money.

That means if some fleets have already some units and not need to buy others.

Check some of compatible manufactures:

Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης 2022-01-17 041825.jpg
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